About the Book

Sarah Trevelyan arrives in the sleepy village of Crowsbrook with three suitcases and a burning desire for retribution. Harbouring a dark family legacy of witchcraft, she’s hell-bent on vengeance against Nicholas Carrington, the mysterious man responsible for her best friend’s death.

Lifelong Crowsbrookers Jessica “Jez” Elliot and her best mate, Sam Katz, are dying to get the hell out of Crowsbrook for good. The countdown is on: big-city life is calling, and they’re ready to take on the world. And then two local teens are brutally murdered down by the village pond…

Crowsbrook real-estate developer Adam Carpenter is desperate for success. He’s just made the deal of his life with enigmatic consulting firm Asilida, and Adam’s looking at a future in which he can have anything he wants—anything at all. Everything seems perfect—apart from the strange and sinister voice he’s hearing more and more often in his head.

But Asilida is not all it seems—and as the village is pulled ever closer to catastrophe, the four of them become entangled together in a web of devilry and magic. And they’re about to learn that some demons are more personal than others…

The Crowsbrook Demons is the first in a series of books set in and around Crowsbrook.